TRM 6KVA Single-phase Tower Online UPS

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  • Model - TRM 6KVA
  • Type - Tower UPS
  • Capacity - 6000VA/4800W
  • Output Voltage - 230-240 VAC
  • Country of Origin - Singapore

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The  6KVA AD6000 Tower Online UPS from TRM provides backup power essential to keeping your electronics powered should that power be interrupted. This power supply comes equipped with pure sine wave technology ensuring a constant flow of high quality clean power, while the full automatic voltage regulation feature adjusts the voltage keeping it within a safe operating range to reduce the risk of damage to connected devices. Along with enhanced voltage protection, you can monitor the UPS via the integrated LCD control panel.

Pure Sine Wave

When operating on battery, UPS outputs power with a pure sine wave that is identical to or cleaner than the power from the utility company grid, free of harmonic distortion and electrical noise, resulting in optimal line clarity.

LCD Control Panel

The integrated LCD interface enables users to check UPS status, manage UPS setup and control, and run testing/battery calibration options. Status and log menus provide UPS vitals including input and output voltage levels, battery information, runtime estimates, load information, event and fault logging, and other system information.

Full Automatic Voltage Regulation

Full AVR boost/buck technology stabilizes the AC voltage by increasing low voltages and decreasing high voltages to maintain a safe voltage level without switching to battery-mode. This conserves battery life, and delivers cleaner AC power to connected equipment.

UPS Selection Guide

►Decide the required size of the UPS (VA & Watts) to decide Power Capacity of the required UPS, you should decide which consumers should be protected and its power consumption in Amps, VA, or Watt.

►Decide the required Autonomy time (Back-up time) Autonomy time is the time that batteries are able to back-up operation and feed the load upon failure of utility power. Load consumption and size of UPS batteries dictate the back-up time.

►Decide the type of the UPS you need UPS's are roughly divided to three main classes. The Off Line (Stand-by) UPS is the simplest and the least expensive, then comes the Line Interactive type, which overcomes the major disadvantages inherent to the off-line unit, finally the Double Conversion On-Line UPS which provides the best power protection.

►Refine the deal at these stage you should already know the KVA rating of the UPS you intend to buy, the type of the UPS (Standby/Line Interactive/On-Line), the autonomy time needed, and the configuration (Stand alone or Redundant).

Tips to help you while concluding your Power UPS deal

►Increase UPS capacity to allow for future expansion.

►Don't buy back up time that you don't need. Longer backup time does not mean better UPS.

►In case of Online units make sure you can add external batteries in future and that you can increase power by adding parallel units if expected.

►Don't buy any extras if you are not sure that they are needed for your application, Most can be added in the future whenever required.

►Make sure that the UPS performs automatic battery tests, warning whenever the batteries should be replaced.

►Backup time has no meaning if you don't consider the amount of UPS loading. Partial load increases the time the battery backs-up the equipment.

►When purchasing the UPS, make sure that after sales service is in good hands.

Model TRM 6KVA
Type Tower UPS
Capacity 6000VA/4800W
Nominal Voltage 230-240 VAC
Frequency Range 64Hz Max
Input Power Factor ≧ 0.99 @ Nominal Voltage (100% load)
Output Power Factor 0.8
Voltage Regulation ± 1 %
Output Voltage 230-240 VAC
Wave Form Pure Sine wave
AC Mode 92%
AC to Battery 0s
Invert to Bypass 0s
Battery Mode 90%
Typical Recharge Time 9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Voltage 273VDC ±1%
Dimension 369 x 190 x 688 mm
Weight 51.80 Kg
Humidity 0-95% RH @ 0-50°C(non-condensing)
Smart RS-232/USB Supports Windows
Indicator Load level, Battery level, AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode, and Fault indicators
Body Material Metal Case
Made in/Assemble China
Country of Origin Singapore
Warranty 2 Years*
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